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Integrity  *  Vision   *  Experience

Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans' Court of Delaware County 

Jen Holsten Maddaloni, Esq.

Let's Re-elect Jen!

Jen was the first woman to be elected Register of Wills in Delaware County since its formation in 1789.  She was sworn into office January 2014 and has kept her promises to provide financial responsibility, modernization of systems and quality service to the families of Delaware County. 

Using her more than 20 years experience representing public entities, Jen has developed systems to ensure strict financial accountability, implemented additional measures for monitoring programs of guardians of the elderly and incapacitated, and developed ways to provide the public access to records faster.  She has helped the public by creating checklists, newsletters and video tutorials.  Jen has conducted numerous seminars to help both the public and the legal profession to better understand all aspects of the office, including: how to obtain a marriage license, what to expect at probate, and the expectations and responsibilities of being a guardian.  Jen has accomplished all this, and more, without raising the existing fees.